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We are the leading Finger Jointed Wood Products manufacturer in Gujarat. It is also known as the comb joint is some cases. This joint is basically formed by cutting the set of short pieces which get easily interlocked with a glue. The cross section of joint formed resembles to the finger interlocking between two hands & hence it is known as the finger joint.

This joint wood can be used for the structural & non structural purposes. We provide the best quality Finger Joint Wood Manufacturers in Gujarat. which is available at a nominal price. The RSV Wood Industries Finger Joint Wood Manufacturers are known for their quality, durability, strong, weather proof, etc. are demanded amongst clientele. The finger joint wood is less expensive than comb joint wood, so the user can easily afford it but still enjoy its benefits.

Comb joint wood is another name for a Finger Joint Wood. The finger is mostly utilised as a joint in woodworking. Given the low cost of Finger Joint Wood, users can easily afford it while still enjoying its advantages.

Finger Joint Wood Benefits:

The benefits of finger joint wood are listed below.

Strength: Finger joint wood has good strength and is more durable than standard dimension lumber.

Stability: The finger joint has a lower propensity to distort and twist.

Straightness: The wood components for finger joints are true and straight. The joint wood absorbs all brow and crook types.

Consistency: The use of little, high-quality wood pieces throughout ensures that the finished product is consistently of the highest caliber.

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